PHP : the possible safety problems

Most companies or online shops are committed to creating a site. Every project needs a good organization to be accomplished. Since each company aims to have the most profit in any activity, it is useful to have a site to expose your service offerings, products for sale, important data to keep. However, to be able to develop a site, it will be necessary to call on the experts, because problems can arise.

The security flaws of PHP

While PHP is the most widely used and recommended language worldwide for site development, it turns out that security issues may arise. Several hacks are present when the action happens online. Their attempts at sabotage involve damaging your files and even your system. We can then distinguish several problems, the reason being that the programming script is 100% secure. To know a little more about how to solve them, click here. Indeed, the sources of the data that you obtain can really include information at risk. In other cases, such as when you connect to a database to save your data in the application, you may have to be intervened by SQL injection. So there is also an injection OS, which can act when another user executes system commands by introducing them into your PHP scripts.

What solutions to these security vulnerabilities?

Like any problem, some have already seen their origins and offered measures to avoid these risks of insecurity. Do a validation of the data and follow certain principles: first, avoid trusting someone because you will never know the true intentions of a person. Then, always predict what could go wrong, and be sure to use multiple levels of security. When you build your scripts, be careful and keep your focus to the maximum to make less mistakes, and simplify at best. Do not let another user have too much profit by offering him a lot. Finally, test your code before concluding the development of your application. Be sure to always keep these principles in your mind.

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