Python or PHP ?

Any good web developer began his apprenticeship in the art through what they call zero site learn PHP and MySQL. With experience accumulated on this encoding, these professionals increasingly beginning to turn to a new a new language that is the Python and Django.

Philosophy and code

The philosophy of Python has attracted many. It is more refined effect PHP. Everything works indentation. Ended semicolon at the end of each line and the braces, loops and conditions. Moreover, Python, everything is readable. It's the same for objects or tables. We do not find the arrows on PHP. Function names is generally simpler. Coded in PHP and Python is very different from the fact that developers are accustomed to do in a complex way with PHP, which is facilitated by Python. With the latter, they spend less time to recover, edit, transform, adapt and convert PHP data.


Developers say unanimously that this language is better than the old. Python much appreciated in the development of a scalable application. PHP can achieve but it's much easier with Python. In addition, the search engine Google supports Python application with Google App Engine. This application allows Google to host web site for free and supports Python frameworks. On the other hand, php development company still has 60% of the market share and will always try a version 6.0 soon. The maintenance plan, Python is popular for its lack of accolade which implies increased access to Python. In the actual execution of a mathematical algorythm, Python is twice as fast. Its execution speed and its write speed is also faster than PHP, which makes it more and more appreciated. By cons, PHP is easier to install and transport than Python. Still fresh, some are not yet accustomed to Python. It is easier to connect to a database via PHP.

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