The qualities of a good magento developer

The main thing when you start as one of the magento developers is developing magento modules or a global project from the installation of the e-commerce platform, is that you understand the architecture of the solution. The developer must master the key concepts and the ecosystem. It makes use of programming tools offered by Zend or which are integrated into magento. It operates webservices that optimize the online application.

The developer is required to ensure a standard in terms of security, quality and performance of the site. Its mission can be ad hoc, such as the customization or configuration of a module. He can lead an entire e-store project by setting up the platform, customizing the functionalities and ensuring the installation of the database and interfacing with the program ...

Who can become a magento developer?

Being a computer science graduate with a high level degree can shorten your path to becoming an expert. Many good developers have a Bacc + 2 enriched by experiences in the field of programming. The most important is fluency with the PHP language and the MySQL database. Ability in web programming and knowledge of networks, especially servers, is an asset.

There are many learning materials and books available to convert to magento. Training organizations offer an interesting curriculum that allows you to master the different aspects of the development and integration of e-commerce software. A magento certification is issued. Being part of a community of developers allows you to share know-how and benefit from the experiences of others.

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