The objectifs of Php programming

In the beginning, PHP is a game on the bitcoin and we script it as Personal Home Page, now, his application model revolute and he became a Kit that is able to interact with a database, but also, provided a framework allowing users to develop a simple dynamic application for the web, such as a golden book. Let’s see all Php programming goals.

The story of Php language

To start this little story, the Php is not yet a language like we see it nowadays, he is just a software to be able to interpret the HTTP formula. And after that, PHP was considered as an advanced scripting interface. Initially limited to Unix and POSIX systems, its potential for an implementation under Windows NT also. He is composed of many supports of the database as MySQL, DBL and the others. Now, PHP had many models like PHP 1 and we are at the seven version now.

PHP in general vision

PHP is a multi-platform programming language that established itself as a marketplace standard. This technology is acclaimed for its ability to facilitate the creation of dynamic and commercial sites. It easier for php programming to makes and to adapt pages to the variety of browsers with their versions. It is finally simple to access to the databases, including the free database manager like MySQL for example.

The objectifs of PHP

This program provides a methodology for developing a website. Advice and sharing of good practices to develop quickly. Workshops that bring participants a first concrete experience of development with PHP. We must know the HTML language stands for and gets a good knowledge. The goal of the php start as the exercises to teach you how to master the basics of these database tools that you can build your own applications. The PHP code is located between the Tags

You can have your own point of view but if your page is not destined to dynamically change then leave it in HTML. You will gain performance and relieve your server as well as it is. Before we talk to you about the rest you had to try to write your language now.

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