We take care of the server administration, keep it secure and up to date

In order to increase revenue, companies must stop relying on their internet service providers to protect themselves from all types of DDOS attacks. For this you need web hosting which we have the magic solutions to make your site very operational.

What is a DDOS attack?

DDOS attacks are among the most serious cybercrimes. These attacks involve overloading systems and networks by filling them with malicious queries to the point that they can no longer serve their content. In this sense, the site will no longer load and potential customers will not be able to make a purchase or log in to their accounts. With respect to social networks, these attacks can cause a saturation of the bandwidth making the network inaccessible. The purpose of this traffic is to target the financial sector in order to collect financial and relative information of competitors' financial businesses. It also aims to make the site of the competitor inactive to sabotage his projects. In this sense, if you want to protect your system for the smooth running of your business, you need a web hosting and for this our company can support you.

What we do ?

Among the wide selection of companies that offer web hosting, we are a company that offers services of the highest range. Indeed, our company Koddos whose strategic premises are in Hong Kong uses high-end software like the Hong Kong managed VPS that will take care of your server. In addition to a premium service, an excellent blocking system with multi-layer attack filtering. We offer you a multitude of web hosting according to your needs and the risks of infection of your site namely remote DDOS protections, protected dedicated servers or collocation with DDOS protection. Rest assured, we are sufficiently experienced so that we can eliminate any type of malicious traffic as complex as it is. Thus, you can continue your business quietly because your server is in good hands.

Skilled Php programmers to hire worldwide

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Simplyphp : Your leading Php development company

Simplyphp : Your leading Php development company
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