How to create a basket under Gentflow ?

It is always important to manage and create websites that interact with the web world. Commercial companies are the first who must go through this process. With magento is a development tool, it will be possible to have very good results as well as in creation of management. Its many benefits greatly help developers achieve this high level of income. Moreover, the creation of opportunities cart belongs with magento.

Magento: a good management tool

Magento is a content management tool for e-commerce website. It is used both in the creation of the site and its management. Clearly, magento developers choose this CMS through its extensive management on all e-commerce sites. It is multiboutique so that all the sites can be managed at the same time or one by one as required. In any case, management will be perfect and will be effected at all levels of the site. From the perfect catalog management at every stage of the order, managing sheets and the price level. It is therefore quite normal to see the excitement of its use among developers. In addition, it is available in two licenses namely the open source license and the license fee.

The steps with this tool

Among the possibilities and functionality with Magento, there is the possibility of creating a basket. To do this, it will start the process by mounting the file based on the basket. so we will check if the basket already exists and if such is not the case, simply create it. then return true for the sake of practice when if tests. The variable lock will then allow the user to lock each action on the cart. This lock is activated when the basket pass to payment. It is obvious that a specific feature will be necessary to remove the item in the basket too. Another important function is the possibility of increasing the quantity of an item in the basket. From there, users of the website will be pleased with the comfort offered by it.

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Simplyphp : Your leading Php development company
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