Javascript under php it's easy !

The ability to run a site and a web app necessarily depends on the performance of the language used for development and programming. Each developer has his small preference and specialty. If others are used to coding in JavaScript, others only swear by the PHP language. But right now, we have to see who is the best performer of the two.

The performance of both languages

When developers choose a specialty, they always take into account the quality of the language that it wants to deepen as well as its power. Each of the professionals who has chosen the craft of website creation knows the advantages and the faults of its language. In general, JS and PHP each have a great advantage but on the performance side, experiments have shown that PHP codes are far more flexible and powerful than JavaScript. Indeed, PHP holds almost all the functions of JS so can easily get ahead. In this way, php is much more powerful than this other language which remains nevertheless in the top of the languages ​​most used in the world of web development. Now we need to know how the relationship is going and how the transition between these two languages ​​is made in reality. Of this relationship naturally depends on the use of certain variables especially for PHP.

Moving from one technology to another

These two languages ​​are both used on the same website simultaneously. But they can also represent the evolution of the programming language. A good php developer knows very well that it is possible to go from a variable php to JS. But for this, it is necessary to know the value of this variable on JavaScript. The PHP language is used on the server side whereas for interactivity it is always JS that is used by programmers. The only way to find out the value of the variable is to display it directly in the Js code. But there is a more bypassed method that tends to display the variable in HTML then in JavaScript code and then retrieve it with the DOM. The code is easily executed in JS.

Skilled Php programmers to hire worldwide

Talent is important, common sense is even more important to become a good programmer. The right developer shares his best ideas online and offers advice with the very good results that can be viewed online.The best programmers, do they think mathematically?You will surely notice every day the influence of the work of PHP developers - unless your company does not intend to do business on the Internet. PHP is an open-source programming language managed by a group of volunteers. And while you (php programmers) [...]

Simplyphp : Your leading Php development company

Simplyphp : Your leading Php development company
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Why Php is the most popular programming language

In the computer world, we always wonder what is the best programming tool we can use. To be really honest with you is not something that is obvious to determine. However, it must be said that there are times when a programming language stands out more than another. And right now, there is one that occupies the biggest place. This language is in the minds of the vast majority of developers. If you are wondering what language it is, we will tell you right away. But before that, we wanted to tell (php programming) [...]

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