A look into the skill of Php developers

Whether you’re creating a new web application or updating your operating systems, having a developer on staff with the right PHP skills is vital. When hiring a web developer, you need to make sure they have the right experience and PHP programming skills to make an impact and help you achieve your business goals. Almost every website or web application will have a strong team of PHP developers behind it, helping their employer stay one step ahead of the competition.

Knowledge and expertise beyond the basics

Developing a web application is no easy task. You’ll need a developer with the PHP skills to get your project up and running. Otherwise, you could be in a for a long uphill struggle. Your current programming team may include developers who’ve dabbled in PHP and web development languages. But to solve major issues, you’ll need an expert on board with the skills to create, deploy and maintain your app. When hiring a web php developers, you’ll need to ensure their PHP knowledge is on point. But you’ll also need to consider their other expertise, and Hariraj Rathod of Aureate Labs advises you go for someone with bug fixing experience.

Willingness to learn and expand their PHP knowledge

When deploying a new application, developers will need to work together and learn new skills to help a project meet its deadline. Discovering if a developer fits with your business means looking beyond their current skill set. You’ll want them to grow and stick with your organisation for the long haul, so find out their views on personal development and new training opportunities. This is something you’ll only learn when you speak to them one on one, and even if their skills and technical experience match your needs, there should be no excuse for them not wanting to improve career opportunities. By asking the right questions, you may find they’re very self-sufficient when it comes to increasing their skills. This is an essential trait championed by Alex Kosarev of Belitsoft who, when looking to add members to his team, prioritises a developer who’s able to work and learn of their own accord.

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