The new ways of conducting video conferencing

When we are a leader, we must have this strategy to make a conference and to make a point. But many of them doesn’t know how to rake speech? That’s why we have to talk about the conferencing step.

The job of speaker

There are many tools that we can use when we made a vision conference. Among our selections, the list is too long, but we have a choice for this. There is the Skype application that is a necessity to this appointment. We don’t forget that Skype is the global reference software for audio and video calls around the world. You just need connection, and you can use Skype on your smartphone or your tablet. Skype can support ten persons in a video conference. In the second position we can download the application “Go to Meeting”, this app offers packages very efficient for video conferencing between 10 and 100 simultaneous participants. You have to convince people and gain all the attention of the public by many cases. Don’t speak faster because even you don’t understand what you said. So, you are going to repeat your speech, just slow down when you speak and you will see that you are on you relax. But in front of this, there are the video conferencing solutions that is in a technical option that you must care. And better, you adopt a smart tool like Xpert Eye.

What is Xpert Eye standing for?

Xpert Eye is a conception of AMA society, and this is a technology using smart glass and programming as a remote reality vision. This glass is used on a different stage of society, but the first experience was at the hospital. And the result is positive because during his transport at the hospital the emergency team at the ambulance give the best emergency care for the person. But many societies test it also by their conferences. And the material is too high as a video camera HD, a camera videoconferencing, a microphone Bluetooth, and the new product like a conference telephone, and this smart glass for the VIP persons.

In the other way, there is also a kind of robot that repeat all you say and imitate you face on a remote position. No need to speak or to write to communicate, just take a breather and do it as you like.

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