An offshore dedicated server for your website

A society offshore is implanted on a country that have a fluid fiscality. There is no fake inside but just a possibility to pay less tax or no tax. If you collaborate with an offshore society, you gain many benefits.

Benefit is about the services

Even the society doesn’t pay more tax for his implantation, and they have to take profit for this to give the best service client support. That’s why you are the king in the eyes of those host offshore server. They can offer you technician support on 24/7 to assure the functionality of your website. So, if you have a failure, they can help you on a remote plan. They give you the best arm that you need to be stronger, and you will face hackers attacked easily. They provide all software with a warranty license, that you can upgrade as you like, and they always propose an innovate product to develop your society. In a simple vision, you can measure your capacity with an Offshore Dedicated Server with all the position that possible. KoDDoS have this offshore service that we can view offers.

KoDDoS offshore server dedicated

The server dedicated is a possibility to have your own space in a one server. This is the minimum offer about 90 dollars on a month, and it is so low. You have Intel Xeon references on ES-1230 as processor, with 8Gb DDR3-1333 memory spaces, 1 Tb SATA hard disk, 2 addresses IP, 100 Tb Premium Bandwidth, 1 Gbps Network interface, and the services that follow your pack. About the features, you can set up your server about 48 hours with technician help. You can get uptime in every moment as the evolution technology need it. You can control your server via IPMI because they have KVM system; and also, a bottom that you can push to reboot your server. As you see, the list is full and interests many societies mostly those in a commercial domain.

The choice depends of how you’d think to develop your website as well as it is to be enabled for more years in the future.

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