The ruby ​​technology is very convenient to develop custom applications

Famous for creating web applications, ruby ​​on rails framework is deemed to be the best and most effective. It facilitates the development of the application because its skeleton is simple and malleable. Also, for an application that works must leverage the right technology and not any.

Ruby and ruby ​​on rails

Ruby is a language used for website development and ruby ​​on rails is a framework that allows to consolidate its coding and develop the website or application. In less technical terms, ruby ​​is a technology that requires professional developers who grew up in a ruby ​​on rails development company. Indeed, ruby ​​must be written with care because with an existing encoding in the framework, the language needs to be well organized. Thanks to this pre-existing script in the RoR, this technology is very scalable. Its actually very easy and very simple, it is often underestimated and yet is used for its power in creating web application. As an object-oriented programming called, this language is better for the more ambitious and complicated projects as for custom social networking applications.

Ruby and automatism

The framework ruby ​​on rails has as main credo "convention over configuration" which dignifies a convention first before configuring. It is with this understanding that the Ruby language with or without its RoR can make a smarter app so personalized. But in addition to this, if some defects are found in the command and disables the application, nothing is more effective than almost automatic reconfiguration framework. Otherwise, the principle of "do not repeat yourself" ruby ​​requires an orderly architecture depending on how the developer has. Without any case, the developer will remain the creator with a powerful technology that is ruby ​​and innovation in a complex work of art that is a coded web application in Ruby. In a very simplistic appearance, language holds many surprises for IT and that is what makes all its elegance because it is the most powerful web application technology of the moment.

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