Ruby on Rails has real fans !

Since its appearance, Ruby on Rails is a web programming language that has become increasingly popular. The simplicity and power of this framework are assets that have made a major tool in the production of web applications. In addition, the Ruby on Rails community has more and more members over the years.

Why is Ruby on Rails so popular?

In web applications development, productivity and simplicity are important things. That's why developers are opting for high-performance tools that enable them to develop applications in the best conditions, but especially to develop programs with a structure corresponding to the latest standards. This is what gives them the Ruby on Rails framework. The ruby on rails developers continue to boast the power and simplicity of this tool. With the power of the Ruby language, the development of complex web applications becomes simple. This framework, based on the Agile method, allows to implement successful programs, scalable and maintainable.

A complete tool with an active community

The philosophy of this framework is one of its strengths and especially of its popularity. Indeed, it offers a more pragmatic approach to web application development. In addition, it produces a concise and stylish code difficult to match. But RoR, as fans call it, is also known for its active community. If it has fewer members than other languages such as Java, Python or PHP, RoR has probably the most active community; I would say a pro-active community. In terms of size, it continues to attract new members every day. Furthermore, the fact that RoR is open source allows aficionados to enjoy the many library, the Gems. The community is very interesting especially for beginners. They can find all the help they need for their learning. Confirmed Ruby developers will find a platform to share their knowledge and publish their findings on this fabulous framework. The community also helps find deals freelancers or even a developer job in a company.

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