3 benefits of using node.js for web applications

When you surf websites on the internet or browse forums specialized in programming and especially in web development, you have probably noticed an emergence of Node.js references. This concept is really used nowadays. But why? What are his contributions?

A precious time saving

Initially Node.js was used only for frontend development. As a result, it was necessary to use another type of programming for the development of the backend part. Before you were forced to have two different developer teams, one for the smooth running of the frontend and the other for a backend. Now with the Node.js progress and the searches made by several node js developer it is possible to code both parts at the same time. Before, developers had to work in two teams and had to redouble their efforts to enhance performance, quality and security. But now they can intervene all together on all your code and consult on the methods they must adopt.

A relevant performance

Thanks to the evolution of Node.js, it is now possible to handle large volumes of requests simultaneously and in a very efficient way. This is due to an asynchronous design that the web server Node.js has which avoids long waits. Thus several requests can be processed in parallel. It also used for more performance and security.

A server that has the best tools

As a craftsman, a web developer must have the best tools to be able to create and innovate a website. Node.js.3 has several tools of incomparable quality. There is for example the Inspector Chromes. This will allow you to analyze memory leaks. There is also the Prettier which is considered a very exceptional code trainer and you can directly install in your code editor. There is also Eslint. A tool to analyze project sources to distinguish between non-existent variables, double declarations, poor code organization and syntax errors.

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