How developers use Node.js

More and more application developers are using Node.js as this development platform has many practical advantages. Want to learn more about the topic or do you want to know exactly how Node.js Developers make to write an application through this platform? Take stock with us through this article.

Node.js, what is it exactly?

If many developers are turning to this solution to develop applications and really interactive websites, it is not without reason. Node.js is a multiplatform created by Ryan Dahl using the well-known JavaScript language. It is not a server or a framework. The Javascript language is used to create applications in real time thanks to libraries allowing to carry out many actions. There are many reasons to use Node.js: free software, an active community, a non-blocking model, a powerful v8 engine (the one that is also used by Google Chrome). And it has nothing to envy to PHP, Python, Ruby or other programming languages. In addition, the largest companies operating in the web environment also use Node.js, so why not you?

How to use Node.js?

Node.js works very well on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. But it also runs very well under Mac or Unix. To use it on Windows, here's how to do it. You have to start by downloading the software from the official Node.js website. Then run the file to start working on Node.js. When you develop an application, some actions are sometimes very long. With Node.js, you can perform other tasks until they are finished. What makes you enjoy an inestimable time saving. Although JavaScript remains a difficult language to use in the beginning, it has a lot of advantages once you've got it right. Convinced by all the positive sides of Node.js, do not wait any longer to start developing your own applications by leveraging this platform.

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