Develop your website with php and javascript

It is important to interact perfectly with the web world that is becoming more space now. Since almost everyone is connected to the virtual world, it will be important, particularly for companies to interact with the world. To do so, it will necessarily create websites that will be the only interaction tools with the digital world. To get good results in this order, it will take into account the tools. Several currently prevalent in the market, but most recurrent are php and javascript.

Server side

php programmers therefore uses PHP as the preferred tool to develop innovative websites thanks to its many attractions. Above all, PHP is a server side scripting language, open source and general. It has been specially designed for web application development. It easily fits in HTML which will display it as simply as possible since the php pages already contain HTML fragments. Also, being on the server side, the php code is therefore run specifically on a product to the HTML server. The result will then be sent directly to customers without the latter do not have means to access the source code. With php, it will also be possible to configure the server to throughly confuse static pages dynamic pages.

Client side

As for Javascript, it is also a programming language, but not that. Clearly, it will dictate the computer what to do with its code. One will find the javascript or js code in web pages. It is, moreover, the only language that will interact perfectly with a web naviguator. This will be possible without any installation. That is why we say that JS is a client side language unlike php. With the JS code, the page displayed will be more dynamic since with it, everything will be taken into account so that the user can take full advantage of the data page according to its language. Without JS therefore, the current page will look more like a dull book page without animation.

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