Understanding the Php language and frameworks

To achieve a project in the best conditions, php developers must have powerful and adapted tools. Discover the most popular PHP frameworks for magneto developer and their strengths, then choose according to your needs.

PHP Frameworks utility

When one is interested in the field of digital programming and web development, be it pure curiosity or a necessity in the context of the creation of a digital project (application, website ...), It is not always easy to navigate among existing languages.

The majority of programming languages share common bases. Instructions, such as tags, are most often in English or derived from English. Each existing language has its specificity, and allows to manipulate via its writing different variables. The reading and the execution of the orders are most often linear, with some exceptions. We will focus here on general-purpose programming languages as well as the most common web-based languages: Java, C and C ++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhP, SQL and Python.

PHP is a basic language in the creation of dynamic websites, and says "free programming". Many known sites such as Facebook or Wikipedia have been created using PHP. To use it, you must first know the HTML and CSS languages. PHP, when used, is passed to the servers, and generates HTML code that will be sent back to the client. This is not the only existing language for creating dynamic sites, but it is one of the most common.

In addition to these languages, we have invented frameworks to facilitate the creation of websites in these languages.

Frameworks are toolboxes that are proving increasingly indispensable today. It is no longer too much to build a website by hand. We are helped a little by a framework.

The frameworks PHP relate to languages. We can cite :

  • Laravel

  • CodeIgniter

  • Symfony

  • YII

  • Phalcon

  • Zend Framework

  • FuelPHP

  • Slim

  • PHPixie

So, the frameworks are therefore designed and used to model the architecture of application software, web applications, middleware and software components. The frameworks are acquired by the engineers, then incorporated into software applications put on the market, they are therefore rarely bought and installed separately by an end user.

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