Hight Tech in Paris : SEO and developers interact !

There is a SEO camp and a SEO campus. And both are in Paris.

Let us recall what is the SEO! The SEO is Search Engine Optimization's acronym. It is about optimization for search engines (like Google) and  a set of techniques to optimize the visibility of a website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages's acronym), so in the results of a web search.

SEO camp

This is an association which groups the community of the French-speaking referencing. It works on the basis of the voluntary work and the contributions of the members. Since 2008, SEOCAMP in Paris organizes meetings in all France and even abroad for all the enthusiasts of the referencing. SEO aperitifs in Nantes, in Montpellier, in Lille, barcamp SEO in Rennes, big evening SEO in Paris, etc. It is every time the opportunity for the enthusiasts of SEO to meet and to exchange around the natural referencing, around their jobs, and of course around the current events of the SEO. These friendly meetings usually with a drink are open to SEO professionals but not only. All the professionals whose activity has a relationship closely or remotely with the SEO are welcome. And to include a maximum of people, we open to the people evolving in the Web marketing in a wider way, to the e-storekeepers, to the developers, to the bloggers or  to the enthusiasts of internet.
This diversity of public allows interesting and rich exchanges: SEO and developers (as ruby on rails developers) interact.

SEO Camp'us

This year, the SEO Campus returned to Paris with numerous conferences around SEO and search marketing business. The event was held in La Plaine St Denis, near Paris, from 7 to 8 April 2016. More than 45 conferences and high-level workshops developing various themes around everything that the SEO of today and will of tomorrow: SEO, web analytics, social networking, monetization ...
The program and the quality of the speakers make it one of the major events in the SEO in the Francophone community.

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